What’s a re-edumacation anyway?

by burnoutqu33n

So I’ve decided to finally hit upon the much awaited post defining…you got it, a re-education. What the kale is that anyway? (I’m trying to cut down on my curse words so be prepared for some nonsense…I’m really good at that, and especially today because I just had one of the most delicious homemade bite size raw vegan almond butter espresso cookies…an hour or so before my bedtime…its go time…on the ellipses that is.)  Remember that disclaimer about the run-ons and randomness…remember? Good, now try to keep up.

My personal definition of a re-education actually comes from much of what I learned in the school of social work. It basically goes back to a bunch of different theories, that some of you may or may not know, and then mixing those with actual actions. Kind of like a to- do  list for your life…I mean my life, I won’t be offended in the least if you copy me.

Re-education is

1) taking all (or most) of what you have been conditioned to think about how you’re supposed to act, feel, do, and think and throwing that ishness into a bowl or a box (or whatever container you want) and picking through, and keeping only those actions, feelings, doings, and thinkings are truly consistent and integral to who you are as a human being.

2) taking all that you’ve put off for however long…and actually doing it

3) stepping out on faith, manifesting, sending your desires out into the universe…however, you want to put it

4) doing…uh huh, that simple, as in “there is no try, only do” Yoda knew what he was talking about… that was yoda right?

5) and lastly, my favorite, making sure you have a positive group of people to support you in your re-education (as I’ve mentioned before). As in, if they think that whatever you are doing, or whatever you are trying to do is stupid or dumb, or “why you doing that,” then screech, “talk to the hand”(old school style), “ain’t nobody got time for that” (new school style). They obviously don’t want to receive the blessing that is knowing and being around a rockstar such as yourself.

So far so good on my end; I’m a thinker, so doing has always been an issue…laziness might have also had something to do with that. Well that’s it for now, I’m tired and this is only the first week of school in an 11 week quarter…super excited for what’s to come!