The Re-awakening…

by burnoutqu33n

Well, not really a re-awakening considering how much sleep I don’t get. But, I have decided to one again try this blogging thing. A lot has happened since my last post. I will not dwell on the past…of this blog that is. However, I will reminisce with you all about the happenings that have happened since we last met, spoke, saw each other, whatever.

I started school again! Second best decision I ever made. The first of course was moving to the great state of Washington. I have settled into it quite nicely if I do say so myself. School on the other hand is a different beast.

This social work burnout queen decided to change careers. Drum-roll please……..Video production. Of course! I love movies, could never figure out why watching them was so much more entertaining than interacting with my fellow human beings. But alas, here I am, trying my hand at the beast. And school is a beast. I am only getting my associates in Video Production, so I won’t have the pleasure of being required to make an actual final project (like a movie or documentary). However, I am finding that, that is exactly what I want to do sometimes. But screw another Bachelor’s degree…for now anyway. I also lllooovvveee editing. So much fun.

There are difficulties though. The other students (or as some people like to call them…competition…not me though). It really depends who you meet. There are of course the pretentious ones, the lazy ones, the witty ones (there are seriously a lot of funny, witty people in the film-making program…is that like a requirement or something?), and of course the artsy fartsy ones (not to be confused with pretentious because they actually are good at what they do…they’re attitudes just suck). 

So that is all for now…because there is one more month left of school during which I have at least two final projects due. And per usual most of my time will be spent working and schooling. Until next time. Adios.